Biden’s Newest Staffer Has History of Communist Views

( – In 2021, the Department of the Interior (DOI) announced several key members of the Biden administration. Then, the incoming DOI Chief of Staff, Jennifer Van der Heide, said that the president was “delivering on his commitment to build teams” that are not only experienced and talented but also “look like America.” Tyler Cherry moved into the position of press secretary. He was recently promoted to associate communications director and is facing some controversy.

According to a recent report, the staffer previously posted anti-police and pro-communist views on social media in 2015. He also reportedly criticized the 2016 Trump campaign and the media for lacking diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The anti-police and alleged pro-communist posts included comments about Baltimore and an “end to a capitalistic police state motivated by…racial biases.” Communism is an ideology whereby all property is owned by all and distributed equally among everyone in society. It also advocates for the overthrow of capitalistic structures to eliminate classes.

Cherry is also being criticized for previously posting about his extreme LGBTQ+ and progressive politics. Posts also include pictures of the associate communications director in scantily clad clothing at LGBTQ+ festivals and events. Reports also said the staffer previously talked about getting rid of ICE, comparing police to slave patrols, and equating voter IDs to a poll tax.

Tyler Cherry responded to the uproar in a social media post. He said the “posts from when [he] was younger do not reflect [his] current views.” The new associate communications director said he fully supports the Biden administration’s agenda, promising to continue working on “climate and environmental policies.” He reportedly deleted his previous tweets that don’t match his current stance.

The staffer has been working in the administration for years under Interior Secretary Deb Haaland without issue. His new promotion seems to have brought his former viewpoints and posts to the surface.

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