Biden’s Family Urges Him To Stay, Should Axe Advisers

( – The first debate of the 2024 presidential campaign took place on June 27. President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, went head-to-head in a discussion that centered on hot-button topics. It was clear during the event, however, that Biden was not well-prepared. He floundered a lot and got hung up on defending his current record instead of being able to outline his plans for a second term. Now, his family is reportedly asking him to axe his advisors.

The Criticism

Following the debate, POLITICO reported that Biden’s family blamed his top campaign advisers for his failure in the event. Three people speaking on condition of anonymity said the family pointed the finger at the president’s attorney, Bob Bauer, senior adviser Anita Dunn, and former chief of staff Ron Klain. Each of them reportedly helped Biden prepare, but they are also accused of working him too much and failing to ensure he’s well-rested. They are asking that Biden demote or fire them altogether.

It’s not just the senior advisers coming under scrutiny. In the days afterward, many possibilities and excuses arose as to why the president looked so deflated and out of sorts on stage. One was that Biden was ill. Another was that the moderators failed to fact-check Trump, and CNN failed to fully inform Biden of which cameras he’d be on. There were even complaints that people responsible for his makeup made him too pale. Then, it turned to the campaign’s inner workings. Another aide spoke with POLITICO and said there was no ire in the direction of the three senior advisers.

Biden Spokesperson Addresses Report

Kevin Munoz, a spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, said Bauer, Dunn, and Klain have been with the president for years, “seeing him through victories and challenges.” As a result, Biden “maintains strong confidence in them.”

Yet, there’s one real issue. Biden’s performance has raised more questions about his age and mental acuity, and now there are questions as to whether he will be the one on the ballot come November. His wife, First Lady Jill Biden, and his son, Hunter, who was recently convicted on federal gun charges, have been firmly in his corner, urging him to stay the course. Some in his party are reportedly concerned that he may not have what it takes to beat Trump.

Biden’s family also rallied for him, with many joining him at campaign events after the debate. The next one is scheduled for September 10. If he doesn’t perform better, his chance at a second term might just go up in smoke.

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