Biden to Let Thousands More Immigrants Flood Into the US

Biden to Let Thousands More Immigrants Flood Into the US

( – The modern Democrat Party has some hugely troubling policies. Their “tax and spend” approach to fiscal policy is worrying, as is their insistence on investing massive sums into questionable environmental initiatives. However, their attitude to immigration is perhaps the most pressing issue of all.

According to a CNN report released on Thursday, January 28, Joe Biden plans to sign an executive order drastically increasing the number of refugees allowed into America each year. Donald Trump had capped this number at less than 15,000 throughout his presidency; Biden reportedly plans to extend this limit to 125,000.

Biden’s team has consistently shown favor toward illegal immigrants. When a Honduran migrant caravan made its way toward the southern border earlier this month, a member of his team made a statement encouraging the travelers to delay their journey, but reassuring them that “help and hope [were] on the way.”

Economic resources are currently stretched to breaking point due to COVID-19. Despite this, Joe Biden appears more focused on getting more foreign nationals into the country than helping Americans keep their heads above water.

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