Biden Signs Order to Help Americans Detained in Foreign Countries

Biden Signs Order to Help Americans Detained in Foreign Countries

New Executive ORDER Issued – Look What Biden Is Doing Now!

( – There has recently been a lot of controversy and debate around the story of Brittney Griner, a professional basketball player from the United States. She’s been behind bars in Russia since February after she was reportedly caught with cannabis in a Moscow airport. The WNBA star faces a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years. President Joe Biden has just issued a new executive order aiming to assist people in Griner’s position.

Biden signed the order on Tuesday, July 19, authorizing the imposition of sanctions on countries deemed to have unlawfully imprisoned US citizens. It also provides for the sharing of information with relatives of individuals who find themselves in this situation in another country.

The directive establishes new “D” risk indicators from the US State Department for certain countries in which wrongful detention is a greater risk. These nations include Russia, China, and Iran.

According to Fox News, an unnamed official said potential sanctions the government may impose under Biden’s order include financial penalties and visa limitations.

The Biden administration has previously repatriated American nationals in foreign jails using prisoner swaps. Earlier this year, US Marine Trevor Reed returned home from Russia after the government freed convicted drug trafficker Konstantin Yaroshenko.

Despite the push for more action on this issue, Reuters reported on July 19 that Biden’s executive order did little to satisfy families of detained individuals. The administration reportedly held a video call with families before the announcement of the action, and some people walked away feeling disappointed that they weren’t able to ask questions about the order or communicate with officials on a more direct level. They also lamented that they didn’t learn anything new or helpful about the detainees.

Do you think this effort from President Biden will help overseas prisoners and their families?

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