Biden Promises Nuclear Military Response to Korea

Biden Promises Nuclear Military Response To Korea

( – According to the Department of State, the US has had diplomatic relations with South Korea for 70 years. According to its website, the two countries share the same views on democracy, law, and human rights. In fact, the US has members of the armed forces stationed in the country to help the nation defend itself in the event of aggression. Now, these diplomatic relations are about to get even stronger.

On April 26, President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol revealed a cooperative plan to address North Korea’s nuclear threat. The announcement coming out of Washington stated the US and South Korea were both committed to peace and stability in the region and would take steps to ensure that goal. To that end, Biden declared the two nations agreed that a nuclear attack by North Korea would be met with a swift response from both countries — including the use of US nuclear weapons.

According to the White House, both presidents want to ultimately denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Biden said the US would not be stationing nuclear submarines “on the Peninsula,” but the vessels would visit the region from time to time. The purpose of the strengthened cooperation between South Korea and the United States is not to escalate to nuclear war but to deter North Korea from continuing on its aggressive path. The White House stated the agreement also enhances and deepens the coordination between the US and South Korean militaries. Yoon concurred that the new level of deterrence will now be stronger than ever before.

In recent months, North Korea has become more active with cruise missile launches. The country even carried out what it referred to as a simulated nuclear attack on South Korea. The North claims it is simply responding to recent military drills conducted by the US and South Korean forces.

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