Biden Officials Are Already Contacting Possible Supreme Court Nominees

Biden Officials Are Already Contacting Possible Supreme Court Nominees

( – Following Justice Stephen Breyer’s announcement that he will retire from the US Supreme Court at the end of the current term, all eyes are on President Joe Biden. He says he wants a woman of color to fill the role, leading to speculation over a number of different potential candidates. It’s recently emerged the White House is already contacting potential nominees.

According to Biden administration insiders, officials have already started contacting potential candidates by phone. Also, FBI agents have been speaking to friends and family members of those under consideration. However, no in-person meetings have taken place, according to reports. President Biden has said he’ll nominate a candidate by the end of this month.

Biden has maintained it’s within his authority to use race and gender as criteria when selecting the next Supreme Court judge. However, the public doesn’t appear to think these are acceptable factors to consider. According to polls, a majority of voters have a negative view of the president’s promise to fill the vacant seat with a black woman without considering all prospects.

Do you think it’s biased to select future Supreme Court justices based on their race and gender, or should presidents look only at their judicial accomplishments?

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