Biden Lands Huge Blow Against Second Amendment Rights

Biden Weighs Up Attack on Second Amendment Rights

( – So far, Joe Biden’s most controversial policies as president have related to immigration and the environment. As many feared, however, he also has ambitions to restrict Second Amendment rights, and there has been some discussion around the gun control measures he’d like to take.

Background Checks for Ghost Guns

On Tuesday, February 23, Politico released a report detailing Biden’s approach to “gun safety.” According to the article, the president is considering a number of measures to curtail access to weapons, including a mandatory requirement for background checks on buyers of “ghost guns.” These are guns that don’t have serial numbers; they’re usually modified, or homemade.

Biden could potentially implement this change via executive order. More extensive restrictions would have to come through Congress, and hence get past the legislative filibuster.

Assault Weapons

The president has also expressed a vague desire to deal with assault weapons, a broad term that refers to any firearm with an automatic or semi-automatic firing mechanism. Also, while on the campaign trail last year, he called for “elimination” of “magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them.” If we define “multiple” as meaning “more than one,” this remark appears to indicate that Biden favors the banning of almost every gun magazine currently in production.

It’s likely the quote above was one of Joe Biden’s many slips of the tongue, rather than a reflection of a sincere desire to ban all guns. That said, it shows how little he knows about the topic, and makes clear that he wants to impose as many gun restrictions as possible.

Alan Gottlieb, head of the Second Amendment Foundation, recently gave an interview in which he claimed Joe Biden was launching a “four-prong attack” on the right to bear arms. He denounced background checks as a “universal registration system,” and also mentioned restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as the imposition of legal liability on gun manufacturers.

The right to own and use weapons, whether for sport, self-defense, or simply peace of mind, has existed in this country since its very foundation. Is Joe Biden’s presidency the biggest threat it’s ever faced?

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