Biden Forms War Room

( – Republicans have been gearing up for a possible impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, and the current administration is reportedly forming a “war room” against the effort. As the primary elections near, members of the GOP are pressing for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to call a floor vote to move the case forward. They believe the president is guilty of corruption and potentially putting national security at risk.

Daily Wire reports that lawyers, aides, and staffers numbering in the dozens have joined in Biden’s effort to derail the GOP’s investigation — with many apparently jumping on board in response to rumors that the impeachment inquiry could be just around the corner. GOP House members claim they’ve already uncovered plenty of evidence to move forward, and they’re eager to see it through.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) and Texas Rep. Chip Roy (R) have gone as far as to threaten to vote against upcoming funding legislation unless the House officially launches the impeachment probe. The House has less than a month to pass all of its budgeting bills, but so far, it’s only passed one of a dozen necessary to keep the government funded.

House Republicans claim they’ve uncovered a scandal involving bribery, abuse of influence, and millions of dollars flowing between other countries and Biden family members. So far, according to Fox News, they’ve found 76 suspicious activity reports pertaining to family bank accounts, which they allege are connected to 20 shell companies that helped to move the money. The White House has condemned the Biden investigation as a “partisan stunt,” calling the far-right GOP members behind it “extreme.”

McCarthy told Fox News that an impeachment inquiry was “a natural step forward” because it would empower Congress to gather whatever evidence it needed without further obstruction. He added that the people were entitled to information on any exchanges that may have occurred between Biden and foreign leaders.

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