Biden Claims Gun Violence Is a “Public Health Crisis”

Biden Claims Gun Violence Is a

( – President Joe Biden made headlines around the world on Thursday, April 8, following his signing of a series of executive actions aimed at curbing firearm access. Because of the Constitutional and legislative protections afforded to weapons ownership, Biden’s capacity to act here is limited. However, his remarks on Thursday indicate he’s determined to effect further changes.

One comment that’s gained a lot of attention was his reference to gun violence as being “a public health crisis.” He did not elaborate on exactly what he meant by this. It’s possible he was trying to subtly compare gun violence to COVID-19, perhaps to make listeners take him seriously.

He also mentioned legislative changes he would like to see Congress make, including changing the law around the civil liability of gun manufacturers. After incorrectly claiming that manufacturers “can’t be sued,” he suggested lawmakers should take steps to alter the rules. Gun manufacturers can, in fact, be sued for a number of reasons, though they do have extensive protection from suits arising from the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

Joe Biden’s radicalism on gun control would be bad enough, even if he actually understood the subject. Unfortunately, as he made abundantly clear on Thursday, he doesn’t.

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