Biden Caught DOCTORING Multiple Reports!

Biden Caught Doctoring Gas Prices Reports To Make Himself Look Better

Biden Caught Doctoring Gas Prices Reports To Make Himself Look Better

( – Gas prices have skyrocketed over the last number of months, and though they’ve recently come down, they’re still, on average, nearly $0.40 more per gallon than this time last year. Inflation is a driving factor in fuel prices, and while the Biden Administration says it’s exploring all avenues to bring these costs down, it’s also doing something that seems a lot like sugarcoating the reality.

When talking about gas prices lately, the Biden Administration hasn’t been referencing the average price, which is what most analyses use as a benchmark. Instead, it’s pushing the term “common price,” as seen in the latest White House briefing and President Joe Biden’s tweet on the matter.

Daily Caller reached out to the White House for an explanation, and was told the administration uses Gasbuddy’s analysis and not AAA, which lists the average price per gallon updated daily. The problem is this doesn’t take into account the highest prices across the nation and is misleading the public. The real average per gallon was actually $0.30 higher than in Biden’s tweet above, which is a significant difference. And, only 15 out of 50 states had costs below the president’s figure. Not exactly an accurate representation of what the country is experiencing as a whole.

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