Biden Administration Shuts Down Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan

Biden Administration Shuts Down Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan

( – The US military’s evacuation from Afghanistan concluded on August 31 of last year, but the consequences of the botched job continue to make themselves apparent. The Afghan people are struggling desperately under the Taliban’s brutal regime, and it’s getting harder and harder for them to escape if they so choose.

According to a report from the UK newspaper, The Times, the evacuation flights that have been regularly leaving Kabul over the last four months are no longer in operation. This cutoff is reportedly due to concerns the Taliban has been using the flights to send its operatives overseas.

The militant group began demanding a certain number of seats on the flights be reserved for passengers of its choosing. The US-chartered flights were flying from Kabul to the Qatari city of Doha. However, in light of these concerns, the Biden administration has halted the flights, making it impossible for many desperate Afghans to flee their war-torn nation.

This isn’t the only developing problem in Afghanistan. As winter presses on, the availability of food and fuel has dwindled considerably.

State Department spokesman Ned Price stated a dispute between Qatar officials and the Taliban was the reason for the stoppage of evacuation flights. However, Price also praised Qatar for its assistance in the evacuation effort since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Of course, as analysts have pointed out, none of these issues would have arisen in the first place were it not for the Biden administration’s ham-fisted attempt at the military withdrawal.

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