Andrew Cuomo’s Popularity Plummets Amid Scandals, Report Finds

Andrew Cuomo's Popularity Plummets Amid Scandals, Report Finds

( – While 2021 has been a tough year for many in politics, it’s difficult to think of anyone who’s had a worse time than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). First came reports that his administration covered up COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes late last year. Even more damning, however, has been the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct made against Cuomo, the most recent of which became public knowledge earlier this month.

Unsurprisingly, these scandals are starting to damage Cuomo politically. On Monday, April 19, a new poll emerged of New York voters’ views on their governor. Just 40% of respondents said they viewed Cuomo favorably, with 52% saying they had unfavorable views. This approval rating is down from a high of 77% last year, when the public perception of his COVID-19 response was very positive.

Cuomo has thus far managed to resist calls for his resignation. However, with state and federal investigations underway against him, it’s difficult to see how he can rehabilitate his image before next year’s gubernatorial election.

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