Andrea Mitchell’s Plan to Slam Ted Cruz Backfires

Andrea Mitchell's Plan to Slam Ted Cruz Backfires

( – There is often an air of condescension about Liberals when they criticize their conservative opponents. Though it might not be explicitly stated, they like to insinuate they’re more intelligent or better-educated than the people with whom they’re arguing. Of course, when this backfires on them, it’s a joy to watch.

So it was on Thursday, February 11, as NBC’s Andrea Mitchell tried and hilariously failed, to get one over on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Twitter. Cruz, discussing the impeachment trial currently underway in the Senate, said it was “reminiscent of Shakespeare — full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing.” The quoted text is a paraphrase from “Macbeth,” which is among the Bard’s most famous tragedies.

Clearly, however, Andrea Mitchell was unaware of this. She took to Twitter to tell the world Ted Cruz had mistakenly attributed to Shakespeare the work of American writer William Faulkner, whose 1929 novel “The Sound and the Fury,” was titled in homage to the line quoted above.

Twitter users, including Cruz himself, wasted no time in letting Mitchell know about her gaffe.

Mitchell, to her credit, has since apologized for the mistake.

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