Abortion Doctor Takes Photo With Deadly Tool, Drawing Outrage

Abortion Doctor Takes Photo With Deadly Tool, Drawing Outrage

(RepublicanReport.org) – An abortion doctor is facing a public backlash after tweeting a picture of herself holding a tool used to complete the procedure. Social media quickly exploded with anger — and it wasn’t just coming from the pro-life side. Even abortion supporters were appalled.

On February 17, Dr. Katie McHugh tweeted a photo of herself holding an Ipas, a device that’s used to perform abortions by creating a partial vacuum in the mother’s uterus and sucking the fetus out. It’s a controversial method, even among abortionists because it can have a wide range of side effects, including injury to the uterus and “incomplete abortion,” which happens when the tissue is torn apart by the vacuum and parts are left inside the mother.

The photo itself showed McHugh grinning broadly, and the tweet itself starts, “Happy Friday!” before going on to boast that “Abortion is moral, common, and it isn’t going away.”

Predictably the tweet caused outrage, but interestingly most of it didn’t come from pro-life advocates — it came from the pro-choice side. One disgusted commenter said he was largely pro-choice but added “question if I’m on the right side of the argument” when he sees doctors “excited” about carrying out abortions. Another told the doctor, “I see why the pro-lifers think you’re all heartless baby-killers,” while a third said the tweet reminded them of “a letter that serial killers leave behind to taunt the cops.” Jake Shields, a former UFC/MMA champion, also said he was questioning his pro-choice stance in response.

McHugh has been an outspoken abortion advocate for a while. Last year, she told journalists that if Indiana banned abortion she was going to get licensed in other states so she could keep on performing them. Unluckily for her, her “ghoulish” tweet isn’t going to help her cause.

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