A Look At 2021: The Future of AI

A Look At 2021: The Future of AI

(RepublicanReport.com) – Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the most hotly debated (and poorly understood) topics of conversation in America nowadays. Some view it as the likely and necessary successor to human operatives in a range of fields. Others look at it as a dangerous force that should be limited as much as possible. Whichever view you hold, you can’t deny AI is only going to grow in importance in the near future.

Going forward, we’re likely to see more widespread application of AI technologies in business. Machine learning, advanced remote work systems, and automation of basic processes will all be much more common by the end of 2021.

Healthcare is another industry that will begin to lean more heavily on AI in the near future. Many of us already use technology to track our diets and workouts, and keep us updated about important health markers. As these kinds of capabilities become more advanced, their use will also become more ubiquitous.

Artificial intelligence undoubtedly carries risks, and these will need to be managed carefully. However, if our policymakers can do this, the technology’s potential to change our lives for the better is effectively limitless.

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