7 Shot, By Neighbor Who Told Them To ‘Go Back To Where They Came From’

(RepublicanReport.org) – Gun violence in America continues to plague law-abiding citizens. As of July 2, there have been nearly 8,500 murders in the United States using guns, 260 mass shootings, and over 16,000 have been injured by guns. One recent tragedy happened in Nebraska, resulting in seven people receiving injuries. Among those were four children.

On June 28, 74-year-old Billy Booth allegedly shot at his neighbors from inside his home, striking three adults ages 22 to 43 and four children ages 3 to 10. Nebraska State Patrol said after the shooting, Booth turned the gun on himself. A total of 15 people were next door when the incident occurred, some inside and some outside. Of the seven victims, four were treated and released, while one was still receiving care in Lincoln, and two children remained at a children’s hospital in Omaha.

Police arrived after the shooting to find the victims lying on the ground inside and outside the home. After helping them, the officers surrounded the suspect’s home. Upon entering, they found Booth dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A shotgun was close by.

Crete Police Department said this wasn’t the first time that police responded to the Booth residence. Previous history showed nuisance and parking reports in the area, as well as one incident involving Booth. The suspect reportedly flipped the neighbors off and told them to “Go Home” or “back to where they came from” and to “speak English.”

The neighbors — including the victims — were believed to be Hispanic. Retired US Marshall Mark Martinez spoke with KETV NewsWatch 7 the next day, stating the “rhetoric” surrounding immigration and the southern border “adds fuel to the fire” of those who have “that sort of hatred inside of them.”

A friend of the victims told KETV that he was aware of the hateful incident involving Booth and believes the incident was racially motivated. The incident is under investigation.

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