2/3 of Americans Want To Go Back to World Before Internet

2/3 Of Americans Want To Go Back To World Before Internet

(RepublicanReport.org) – In the early 1990s, scientists introduced the World Wide Web to people, which began the process of getting everyday users onto the Internet. Since then, technology in this area has increased dramatically, with virtual reality headsets, cell phones, and Artificial Intelligence technology answering millions of questions. Despite these tremendous advancements, the majority of Americans actually miss a time before these inventions.

News outlet Fast Company recently shared the results of an exclusive poll done by Harris Poll that showed 67% of Americans would choose to live in a world without the Internet. This sentiment is most prevalent among older millennials and Gen Xers between the ages of 35-54, as 77% of that age group wished the Internet would disappear. It is important to note that this is a group that remembers a screen-less childhood, something rare in our modern world.

Baby boomers were the least likely to want to leave the technology behind, with just 60% of people aged 55 and over voting to nix the Internet. Either way, Americans are clearly missing a time when they were more unplugged and not constantly getting notifications about nearly everything. However, they still have an appreciation for technology, even if they don’t want it in their face all the time. According to the survey, 90% of Americans believe being open-minded about new tech is important. Yet, around half of the people polled believe this new technology divides groups more than unites them, a scary number in our polarized nation.

It is certainly difficult to disconnect from technology, especially when your boss can message you at any minute or if you can’t navigate around a new town without your phone’s GPS app. But would going back to a more simple life actually leave people more fulfilled or just bring back an old set of problems? Is the world too plugged in, and if so, can anything be done to stop it?

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