15 Arrested in Maritime Smuggling Ring Near Mar-A-Lago (REPORT)

15 Arrested in Maritime Smuggling Ring Near Mar-A-Lago (REPORT)

(RepublicanReport.com) – Of all America’s states, Florida has traditionally had one of the most serious problems with illegal immigration. Because it has so much coastline, the opportunities for immigrants to land small vessels undetected are practically limitless.

On Monday, November 16, federal officials made their second set of arrests for suspected human smuggling in two days in the Palm Beach area. Nine individuals were taken into custody after landing onshore in a small boat. Two were reported by US Border Patrol operatives to be convicted felons. President Donald Trump’s private estate, Mar-a-Lago, is not far from the scene of Monday’s incident

This follows the arrest of fifteen individuals in the same area on Sunday. .

These arrests serve as a timely reminder of how badly our border needs protection. Even with a regime as strict as Donald Trump’s has been, there will always be those who manage to slip through the net. With this in mind, a more liberal border policy may not be the best idea for our national security right now.

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